Testimonials : Piano teacher and Diploma Support

Testimonials: Private teaching

I have been a student of Margaret Miller’s for 5 years and I have enjoyed every second of it. Her kind, compassionate approach to teaching has always motivated me to improve and I really appreciate how she encourages and teaches her students how to make their own musical decisions and interpretations. I would strongly recommend her as a teacher   Y13 pupil

I have been having lessons with Ms Miller fo 6 months now in preparation for my Grade 6 Piano Performance exam which I have now taken (awaiting results). I have found Ms Miller to be an excellent teacher even throughout the Pandemic (Video and online lessons) Her teaching methods are very efficient and had me very well prepared for my exam in a very short space of time. She’s very understanding and personable and I hope to continue my lessons through my remaining exams.  18 year old pupil

“Thank you so much for your help over the last two years and helping Katie to achieve Grade 2 merit. you are always so kind and patient with her and make the lessons both knowledgeable, varied and fun. Your love of music shines through and is contagious. She is learning a huge amount with you and we are so proud to see her develop her musical ability.”       Mum of 9 year old pupil

“Margaret has been teaching my daughter for over 6 years and during that time I have seen her grow in confidence – this has not been easy and it is testament to Margaret’s patience that she is now so proficient and working towards her grade 6. I happily brag to anyone who will listen that my daughter, at 13 has passed all of her piano grades with distinction… Margaret’s evident love of music in all its forms means that she is open to suggestions from pupils which my daughter loves.”           Mum of 13 year old pupil

“Margaret is a wonderful piano teacher who has been patiently teaching my daughter to play piano for 5 years since she was 5 years old. I have always admired Margaret’s approach to teaching which is full of encouragement and thoughtful feedback that has inspired L to play. Margaret is a fantastic person and I have always found her friendly and approachable despite my very many questions”     Mum of 10 year old pupil

” Margaret is a fabulous teacher. The 5 years so far with her have been very enjoyable. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to improve them. .. She is an excellent teacher… thank you for teaching me”       10 year old pupil 

“Margaret is an outstanding piano teacher. As an adult leaner it is great to find someone who is both patient and provides the level of support needed. Margaret is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in her communication style. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who has always wanted to learn piano but never got around to it like myself. “  Adult learner

“Margaret is just right for me as a “mature” learner. She is patient with my difficulties which she diagnoses and deals with in a methodical and adult way. She is not satisfied with the mediocre, but by a mixture of cajolery and inspiration manages to keep me motivated to improve. And by communicating her own feeling and understanding for the music she pushes me towards playing in a more expressive and musical way”                                        Adult learner

“Dynamic, positive, inspiring and with a fine sense of humour, Margaret is an expert in bringing the best out of students. She always pushes for the highest standards but in an encouraging and friendly way. She also understands how it feels to sit at the piano with nerves jangling and fingers quivering. She has made an enormous difference to my piano-playing”   Adult learner

“Margaret has been teaching our daughter since she was in Year 1, she has a very positive and encouraging attitude. Our daughter always comes away wanting to do more and even at times when she hasn’t, Margaret has proven to be a very patient teacher, she has allowed our daughter learn at her own pace.”  Dad of 9 year old pupil

“Margaret is a brilliant teacher with lots of enthusiasm and patience, I’ve enjoyed every lesson!! Margaret teaches in an engaging, fun way and has made my experience learning to play the piano wonderful, would highly reccommend to anyone!”   17 year old pupil


Testimonials : Diploma Support

Margaret is an outstanding teacher and I have gained invaluable insight in preparing for my teaching diploma under Margaret’s guidance.  Current Diploma student

Margaret helped me prepare for my FRSM Written Submission in a very detailed way. Although I regret I knew her for just a few weeks before the due submission  date, I was lucky enough to be able discuss my paper with a knowledgeable teacher. Her advice was helpful and critical. I would highly recommend her to anyone  preparing for  Diploma exams.”                                                                                                                             Piano teacher from Indonesia preparing for FRSM diploma in Performance April 2015

“Thank you so much for the consultation. In just a short conversation, the sharing of your own experience helped me familiarize myself with the exam requirements and hence I now know how I can go prepare for it. More importantly, your clear, systematic and authoritative explanation, thoughtful, enthusiastic and passionate as a teacher, are greatly admired. Thank you so much”                                                                                                         Piano teacher from Hong Kong preparing for FRSM Feb 2015

Margaret gave me very good, considered advice during the preparation of my video submission, and her detailed comments about the approach to the case studies were extremely helpful.  Margaret’s constructive criticisms of my written submission enabled me to re-evaluate my point of view, and I am sure that her input contributed to success in this respect.  Margaret offers sound advice about working towards a diploma and she encourages you to make your preparation thorough and careful.                                  Piano teacher preparing for LRSM December 2014

“I want to say a big, big thank you. Your advice was so helpful and extremely insightful. You gave me a lot more confidence and peace of mind to sit for this exam”
Piano teacher from Singapore preparing for LRSM in piano teaching Oct 2014

“Margaret helped to put me on the right track and was most encouraging throughout my preparation. I have not met her as we communicated through emails, but she came across as someone very knowledgeable, thoughtful and generous. She is a great teacher”
Piano teacher from Malaysia preparing for LRSM in piano teaching  June 2014

“Margaret advised and helped me prepare for my flute teaching diploma. She was very accomodating and encouraging, and very prompt and thorough with any questions I had. She game me excellent advice on my essay and her expertise and encouragement really helped me pass the exam.”
Flute teacher preparing for the DipABRSM in flute teaching  Oct 2013

“Within just a few minutes of meeting Margaret she had managed to reassure me and my confidence began to grow. After just a few sessions I knew exactly what I needed to do for the exam and had received some excellent advice on my written submission. Margaret’s warm and friendly yet still authoritative manner of teaching I found to be engaging and inspiring. Margaret is extremely knowledgeable on all areas of the teaching diploma and her input, I firmly believe helped me achieve the best possible result for me.”
Violin teacher preparing for DipABRSM   December 2012

“Margaret was a fantastic source of advice and information in preparing for my DipABRSM in Piano Teaching. Her input for my written submission was excellent and very carefully considered. She clearly gave a lot of time and thought to all her feedback. Margaret gave me a run through of the Viva Voce over the telephone which was invaluable. Not only did she boost my confidence in my own ability, she was also able to help me structure my answers in a more thoughtful fashion which I feel made a huge difference to my performance on the day. I would heartily recommend Margaret to anyone preparing for diplomas and will definitely be in touch when the time come to approach the LRSM. Thanks so much!”                                                                                                  Piano teacher from Dublin Feb 2012

“Thank you for your considerable help with my programme notes. Without your input they would have been heavily criticised and, I suspect, failed.”
Choral director preparing for the LRSM in Direction